July 24 2014 00:15:40

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22/07/2014 11:58
i watched dead snow 2.. pretty entertaining.. the zombie squad is crazy

16/07/2014 07:37
there are subtitles available for the non english parts in dead snow 2

15/07/2014 19:25
any horror movie comes from Europe is better nowdays ,they know how its Done when making a interesting horror movie

15/07/2014 19:21
anything comes from Norway is good ,trust me just like japan and France Norway is slashing their way in making horror films

15/07/2014 02:03
i still haven't seen the 1st one

15/07/2014 01:24
Has anyone seen Dead Snow 2? Is there any type of English dubbed version anywhere yet?

14/07/2014 22:33
oh i watch too much tv actually. but i've been watching a lot of the cinema snob as of late. old episodes and in fact he just posted a new one last night!

14/07/2014 21:31
I would give anything a watch just in case it any good.The only things i watch regularly is Pawn Stars & The Walking Dead.

14/07/2014 20:11
nor have i seen cabin fever either.

14/07/2014 20:11
i've never seen any Hostel films, NOT cuz i think they are shit, but just cause that is'n't my type of film

14/07/2014 18:24
VIY 2014 chris13..thanks for the link but thats the 1967 version does any one have a link for the 2014 version of VIY

14/07/2014 14:38
The Strain series 01 episode 01 now available on torrent.Stephen King fans might enjoy watching it.

14/07/2014 12:57
maybe remaking planet of terror is a good idea for him to gain fans attention ( at least)

14/07/2014 12:56
im sure eli roth first films was praiased by fans like cabin fever and hostel sequels so they expect horror movies not disaster movies,better go back to his first steps in to horror planet,(maybe rema

14/07/2014 06:27
i don't hate him like many do but than i haven't seen any of his shit either. cept for grindhouse and that's about it

13/07/2014 13:55
good.. he sucks..!

08/07/2014 10:00
and yes ,Eli Roth is turning away from horror genre that's for sure,lets hope im wrong on this one but the fact is after disaster story and ]eden parish people story i wish if he stop presenting d

07/07/2014 23:52
Also, this movie have remake , called The Power of Fear /Veldma/ (2006): http://www.ulozto.

07/07/2014 23:45
shak1942: i have only uloz link, hope it is okay 4you: http://www.ulozto.

07/07/2014 18:19
Anyone got a link for VIY on rapidgator..good russian vampire flick


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