July 14 2014 03:18:16

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13/07/2014 13:55
good.. he sucks..!

08/07/2014 10:00
and yes ,Eli Roth is turning away from horror genre that's for sure,lets hope im wrong on this one but the fact is after disaster story and ]eden parish people story i wish if he stop presenting d

07/07/2014 23:52
Also, this movie have remake , called The Power of Fear /Veldma/ (2006): http://www.ulozto.

07/07/2014 23:45
shak1942: i have only uloz link, hope it is okay 4you: http://www.ulozto.

07/07/2014 18:19
Anyone got a link for VIY on rapidgator..good russian vampire flick

06/07/2014 20:40
The Den (2013) - I haven't heard much about this movie but surprisingly - it is really solid horror/thriller.

06/07/2014 20:20
well at least it wasn't CGI

06/07/2014 13:56
it kept on dragging on and on.. and it wasn't scary.. the editing was terrible.. it was like random scenes/transitions
.. the monster is a guy in an owl costume

05/07/2014 20:33
i at first thought you meant that argento film man. but apparently i was wrong oh well

05/07/2014 19:29
Lord of Tears was boring. Best part of it is the movie poster.

01/07/2014 05:37
I turned Lord of Tears off at the 1 hour mark. Boring!

30/06/2014 21:08
Just watched Hotel Inferno (2013) - extremely gory but funny movie. Recommended. Next i will watch Lord of Tears (2013) and Goal of the Dead (2014). Sacrament - not so good. Trailer was better Smile

29/06/2014 16:40
How's The Sacrament (2014)? Is it any good ?

28/06/2014 22:14
article_id=2939 any chance of reup?

23/06/2014 16:38
i just watched the raid 2.. holy shit it's awesome.. so fucking brutal

22/06/2014 05:38
I like Lucky McKee's style. His movies usually hit the nail on the head.

22/06/2014 05:36
Most of the actors in it are first-timers. Great film. Saw it twice already. Wanna watch again.

22/06/2014 05:09
is this site still private?

21/06/2014 16:57
All Cheerleaders Die info & trailer can be found at:http://www.imdb

20/06/2014 21:58
i've seen it on sites like this but i haven't got to it yet cause i haven't seen a trailer for it 1st. or looked up who even is in it?


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